Bryce National Park, Utah

From hoodoos to canyons, your vision will be filled with splendid red rock. Bryce National Park is a geologist’s playground, with staggering wonders plentiful enough to fill your mind for a lifetime. Here is a list of our list of the must see sights:

Navajo Loop Trail
Rainbow Point (drive)
Inspiration Point

Upon our arrival to Bryce, our car was filled with debate over the terrain. Tzachi and Vicki were adamant that we had landed on the surface of Mars, while Sara felt like she had arrived to the set of Looney Tunes. Whatever your initial reaction is to the valley, it will be surreal.

Bryce is easy to enjoy, with plentiful hikes and viewpoints. You can drive to nearly all locations within the park. However, there is a shuttle that runs often through the park (leaving from the visitor’s center – near the entrance of the park). If you are not on a time crunch, we highly recommend this environmentally friendly option!

More Resources

Bryce National Park, National Park Service

Hikes within Bryce, National Park Service

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