Be aware that Death Valley is known for its extreme weather conditions. In the beginning of August 2013, while we were visiting it was 117F (47F). Remember to always carry water  – no matter how short the hike or walk is, wear a hat, and keep your skin covered. Sunscreen is also a good idea!

The average temperatures, published b y Death Valley’s visitors center in 2013, are as follows:
MAX                  MIN
January         67F / 19C         40F / 4C
February      73F / 23C         46F / 8C
March           82F / 27C         55F / 13C
April               90F / 32C         62F / 17C
May               100F / 38C       73F / 23C
June               110F / 43C       81F / 27C
July                 116F / 47C      88F / 31C
August          115F / 46C      86F / 30C
September  106F / 41C      76F / 24C
October        93F / 34C        61F / 16C
November   77F / 34C        48F / 9C
December    65F / 18C       38F / 3C

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