Navajo Loop

The Navajo Loop starts at an overlook of the “Martian” valley filled with hoodoos. As you descended to the right,  into the valley, you are able to view the structures up close.  Do not worry, the hoodoos do not loose their amazement – no matter how close you get.

Navajo Loop
1.3 miles, 2.2 km
1-2 hours
Moderate but steep assent and decent
Accessible by car and the free park shuttle
(Parking is available at the trail head)

After descending the switchbacks, the path continues to wrap around to the left. Look out towards the right and Wall Street will be viewable. You will continue past Thors Hammer, coming to Two Bridges, a natural rock formation that connects a large bolder to the surface of rock by two natural bridges.

After Two Bridges, you will continue upwards making your way back to the starting point, by a final set of switchbacks. The assent is steep but easier than ascending on southern side.

Personal Notes
The staggering views of the hoodoos were the perfect distraction for our parents. We hiked this trail while traveling with both Tzachi’s parents and Sara’s mother and her boyfriend. The trail took us a little longer, but the family moments were amazing. Along the trail we saw people of all ages and abilities, including children both on their parents back and walking. It was an incredible choice.

Other Options
Sunset to Sunrise is a 1 mile (1.6km) trail that takes around 1 hour. It is located in the same area, starting from further down the view point, and is known to be the easiest hike in the area.

The other option is to extend the Navajo Loop, by hiking the Queens/Navajo Combination Loop. A 2.9 mile (4.6 km) hike that is around 2-3 hours. Hiking in a clockwise direction is recommended. And if that is not enough, you can create a figure eight trail from Navajo Loop to Peekaboo Loop, and back through Queens Garden.

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