How to Contribute

We need your help!

We wish we could bring you information from every corner, but are incapable (for the moment) of doing so. Unfortunately, we are limited in our ability to travel across the world constantly.  Just like most people, we are eagerly awaiting our next weekend trip and vacation.

This is why we love when you share your stories and adventures with us! Please feel free to send us your latest trail notes or weekend adventure, so that we may continue to build our database and inspire people in planning their next trip.

Please email all well-written articles to, along with any photos or videos (a maximum of 20 photos per a post is accepted and limit the size to 1000 px  wide). Do not forget to include your name! If you would also like to include a headshot and three sentence bio – be our guest.

By emailing us, you are granting GrabTheBackpacks permission to publish your work on our website and any future publication under the direction of GrabTheBackpacks and/or Sara & Tzachi Ezra Torf-Fulton. However, we do not want your primary ownership. These are your stories, photographs, videos, and memories to share as your please!

We look forward to hearing about your travel adventures. Bon voyage!

2 responses to “How to Contribute

    • We are so excited! Thank you for finding our project worthwhile. Any trail notes, pictures, and details you have please email to grabthebackpacks at We are currently traveling, so my apologies for a late response. Talk to you soon!

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