Phyodactylus guttatus (gecko)

The Phyodactylus guttatus is more commonly known as the Sinai Fan-fingered Gecko or the Spotted Fan-Toed Gecko. These geckos inhabit areas throughout Egypt, Israel, Syria, West Jordan, North Saudi Arabia, North Oman.


We were lucky enough to see our two gecko friends hiding in the shade of the same ledge as us, during our afternoon rest along the Har Carbolet & Nahal Mador trails. At first, they were barely noticeable with their tan bodies blending into the rock. However, their spots gave them away in the end.

Geckos are a reptile. More specifically, they are any lizard within the family Gekkonidaie. They are usually small and nocturnal (though I am not sure if these ones are) and have soft skin. At the end of their limbs are digits, each of which has an adhesive pad – a helpful adaptation for climbing. Depending on the species, their habitat can range from jungle to desert.



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