This tapas bar is the place to eat in Jerusalem. Offering a daily menu based on local ingredients and fresh, new dishes – you cannot go wrong! Even the comfort food has a twist that makes it revolutionary. Expect a sense of humor, as the menu is spiced with sarcasm. Though, if you are an English speaker, you will sadly miss out… as the English menu is much more standard and polite. (Ask a local to translate.)

The three-sided bar centers around the kitchen area, allowing guests to witness the creation of their meal step-by-step. The flames get high, chatter fills the air, and wine is continuously poured.  Be sure to try the beef capriccio, a fine specimen of a traditional dish. The liver and polenta is the perfect pair, rich and creamy, this dish shows their skill at cooking to the perfect degree. For desert, the almond panna cotta offers a sweet end to the night. (The menu does change though… but do not worry. You cannot go wrong!)

The best way to enjoy the evening is to come with one or two friends, slowly meandering your way through the menu, but be sure to leave anyone behind that is unwilling to share a dish. Yudale is a place based on sharing food, good times, and an enthusiasm for the new.

Machneyuda Shuk (market area)
10 Beit Ya’akov St., Jerusalem 94323, Israel (Givat Ram)
+972(0)25333442 .   Website  .  Not Kosher (though closed on the Sabbath)
Price range: $25 – $100 As with most tapas bars, it really depends on how hungry you are. Also, while they offer a fabulous wine selection, some bottles are quite costly.
Sunday – Thursday  12:30 – 16:00
Sunday – Thursday  18:30 – last customer
Friday  11:30 – 13:30
Saturday  after the Sabbath – last customer

Restaurant versus tapas: Please note that on one side of the street is their formal restaurant (named Machneyuda), and on the other is their open tapas bar. Reservations are recommended for the restaurant, while the bar is first come – first served. Personally, we prefer the bar. As it offers you a chance to watch the chef and cooks, along with looser environment.

Our recommendations: the capriccio , anything served with polenta (Tzachi’s new favorite), the mussels (Sara hogged the non-kosher food all to herself), and for dessert the panna cotta.

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