Brooke & Tzachi


Brooke and Tzachi are just the typical couple with passion for travel, good wine, delicious food, and laughter. They currently reside in Tel Aviv, but visit Brooke’s original home, California, often. It is through these adventures that they test themselves, growing stronger with each passing day.

Currently, they are busy counting the day until their three weddings. Yes, three! They will be having a ceremony in both their home countries, Israel and the USA, along with the signing of documents in Cyprus. The true treat will be their upcoming trip to Nepal and Thailand this fall, there they will set out to trek the Annapurna trail, climb Island Peak, and then scuba dive and recovery in the islands of Thailand.

Their dog, Sauvy, is a constant partner on our adventures, having traveled by bus, train, canoe, and airplane. She has been with Sara since her time in university. However, Tzachi quickly won over her heart, and now he seems to be stuck with two blondes. Poor guy!

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