Two is company

May 2013


Welcome to the debut of Backpacking and Wine. This blog is meant to be a way for us to share valuable information we have learned, our favorite trails and bottles, along with select stories. Tzachi and I have a love for travel, exploration, and food that is unmatched. And our love-able dog, Sauvy, shares these same passions (even when we wish she didn’t… warning: don’t leave any tasty cheese or bread on our kitchen counter).

Our goal is to help share ideas and knowledge necessary to partake in your own adventures. After all, we are all still learning! So please post questions and help us figure out what information you want to know. And feel free to email us photos and/or stories to help building our collection (make sure to include your name).

We travel to explore, to learn about others so that we may see ourselves more clearly. It is through community that we expand our own existence and life.

Sara Torf-Fulton

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