Hof HaSharon Nature Reserve

An easy 2 Km hike along the Mediterranean coastline. This short hike is perfect for a picnic with kids, an afternoon stroll, or sunset. The cliffs are breathtaking but prone to slides, so please watch your step and don’t get too close to the edge. In spring, the area is home to purple Irises.

Topographical Map from Amud Anan

Coordinates: (1336, 11830) / (34.824, 32.2376)

Hof HaSharon is located approximately 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv. Therefore it was our easy escape. Some summer days we just do not have it in us to partake in a long trek. This trail provides the fresh air and beautiful view you need for peace of mind, without the tiring effort.

Bellow the trail there is an undesignated (but well-known and excepted, though technically illegal) nudist beach. At the most norther point of the trail (and where one of the parking lots is, there is another lot at the southern end) is another beach access to sequestered beach (bathing suit required). The beach is well-known for being far away from the shouting life guards and perfect for a romantic sunset.

Please note that they are attempting to reintroduce elk into the nature reserve. Therefore no dogs are permitted within the area.


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