The Narrows

The Narrows is a section, North Fork canyon, along the Virgin River. It is not uncommon for the whole valley floor to be flooded by the river. As its name suggests, the valley is narrow with steep cliff edges rising high above you.

Difficulty: Moderate
Shuttle Stop: Riverside Walk
Bring plenty of water as you cannot drink out of the river (without treating it).
Water shoes are highly recommended.
Hours & Length: trail options bellow

After Angel’s Landing, the Narrows is the most famous hike within Zion National Park. The changing light throughout the day casts the stream in a constantly shifting light. Get there early to miss the crowd and revel in the beautiful yellow hues.

The water is melted snow and thus cold. Accomplishing this hike is most enjoyable in the summer, though possible two to three season a year. Be sure to check with the visitor’s center for flash flood alerts, which are even possible in the middle of the summer.

Trail Options: There are two ways to accomplish this trail. Hiking the Narrows (via Riverside Walk) is 9.4 miles / 15.1 km and takes approximately 8 hours.  Inquire at the visitor’s center about a longer 2 day backpacking option. (OR) It is also possible to hike a smaller section in the “there-and-back” style.

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