A Bite From Africa in Central Tel Aviv

At heart we both are children and there is no better place to express this than in the safety of the Safari where we can mimic animals, roar like lions, and holler like monkeys with only a few stay glances from the passing stranger. Needless to say, if you are traveling with children and need a fun, entertaining place, filled with sights to see and walking – this is the place to come!

The Safari
Address: Shderat Hatzvi 1, Ramat Gan, Israel
Phone:  036305305 & 036320222
Hours: 9 AM to 4:30 PM with extended hours during the weekend and summer months
Price: 61 shekels per person

There is an entrance that allows you to walk in or take a large shuttle. However, the most fun is gained by driving your private car. Be sure to bring bread! As you enter, you will be allowed to roll down your windows, feed the ostriches (be sure they don’t take a finger with the slice of bread), watch the herds of elk and zebras walk by, the flamingos bathing in the pool surrounded by other birds, and feel like you are in mini Africa. (Do not be surprised by the roosters running about, it is just an odd addition to the African species.)


After the watering hole and playing “I spot the hippo,” you will enter the parking lot, park, and walk the short distance to the entrance of the zoo. The zoo is filled with splendid species of birds, monkeys, elephants, and most other animals you can think of.


If you are wondering why we said you could roar like lions, but still have not mentioned any yet. The best is saved for last. As you exit the zoo, take the safety of your car, and re-enter “mini-Africa,” you will proceed through a security gate (expect traffic as they will usher a few cars through the first gate, close then close the first gate before opening the second gate). Once through, you are in the lions area. You can watch as young cubs change each other around, rolling around and fighting on the spring, green grass with their mother’s looking on.


Enjoy the day, but always remember to treat animals with the respect they deserve and always expect the unexpected – they are wild creatures.

Additional Information:

A car is recommended so that you may travel through the safari at your own pace and enjoy the roaming animals. However, if you do come by public transportation, there is a Safari bus that takes you around the open areas for 7 shekles a person. Call 036305305 or 036320222 for more details.

The buses that have stops within the Safari area are: 31*, 33*, 67*, 57*, 34*, 63**, 65**.
* = 10 minutes away, ** = 20 minutes away

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